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The Gospel of the last days

"World history as you have never conceived.
Our future as you have never imagined possible.”

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Is there an invisible thread that through time and history reveals the profound sense of events that are only seemingly different and distant from one another? Is there a hidden link between the Big Bang theory and climatic change, the Crusades and Islamic terrorism, the persecution of Christians and the Shoah, the Medieval Inquisition and the marvel of technoscience of the 21st century?
Yes, indeed that link does exist and it is possible to see it clearly in the prophetic pages of the Gospels and the labyrinth of symbolism and visions that is the Apocalypse according to John which reveals to us the Eschaton. This defines the end of time, that which hasn’t yet happened and that must happen to fulfill that which God had wanted from the beginning of time. Society finds itself before a crossroads suspended between the hope of a culture of love and knowledge and the threat of conflict between cultures. The risk of a conflict between cultures and of ecological disaster form the basis of a book which intends to take the reader on a journey into the past and eventually lead him to question the future of the planet and mankind. Read more...

Cristiano Ceresani

Cristiano Ceresani is a parliamentary senior official of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy. Formerly head of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, is at present head of the Cabinet for the Minister for Families and Disabilities Lorenzo Fontana. He studies theology, history and philosophy and is passionate about science and technology. He is a legal expert, and this is his first experience at writing a literary work.

"World history as you have never conceived. Our future as you have never imagined possible.”